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The market is flooded with software products that meet narrow programmatic and project-based needs. Out-of-the-box technology tools often fail to fully understand the community-specific needs, inputs, environmental factors, and assumptions that support a complete picture of program logic. As a result, systems often fall short in meeting complex social problems with relevant technology solutions. ARET Group is a social enterprise company comprised of real people (researchers, evaluators, and technology experts) with experience shaping impactful community programs.
With over a decade of large-scale applied experience, informing our unique approach to community-based evaluation and research, ARET Group has a vision for solving complex social problems in public and nonprofit organizations using flexible and customizable software tools. Our vision is to meet specific needs using ‘first principle’ concepts in evaluation and research for technology design. We believe this approach is a critical step toward addressing systemic issues of equitable access to programming and achieving favorable outcomes among diverse target populations.
All of our research applications comply with Good Documentation Practices (GDP) and ALCOA+C standards for electronic data management. We work with sites to carefully rate and segment personally identifiable information and take steps to ensure subject confidentiality. These are the technology solutions we have found programs and projects need to be successful:

Case Management

Integrated case notes, program referral tracking, task prioritization, and assessment tools to help manage complex hierarchical associations and wrap- around services.

Form Management

Supporting complex survey instrumentation designs and form validation schemes, including integrated systems for supporting longitudinal data tracking.

Data Analytics

Programs increasingly need an instant feedback loop to leverage data quickly for enhanced public accountability, mission-critical decision-making, and grant compliance.

Dashboard Services

Program and project managers must keep the big picture in mind as they advance specific goals, which can be supported by live dashboard tools.

Ethical Standards for Data Management

Heightened public and funder accountability requires the highest standards are met to ensure ethical procedures for maintaining sensitive client information.

Access to Data

Generate simple processes for retrieving de-identified case by row data for programs seeking to generalize findings, build evidence basis, and reduce processing costs.

Digital Transformation Services

Re-imagine and upgrade a legacy system to align with current organizational objectives and pivot quickly to meet emerging needs.

Security and Storage Solutions

Create customized hosting options to enhance the possibilities for cross-sector collaborations. Migrate data to avoid information loss. Or, upgrade data management infrastructure.

Evaluation Solutions

ARET Group aims to engage community-based organizations in data-driven decision making. Our current customized, project-focused software solutions can bring true value to growing organizations seeking to manage programs by reducing research and evaluation operating costs and/or improving program accountability to meet goals and objectives

Multi-Stakeholder Projects

Create a space for collaboration with multiple sectors/ organizational actors who share data reporting or collection responsibilities. Allow for integrated training and data entry tracking, that can yield missing data analyses and response rate information

Process and Outcomes Evaluation

Systematically track customized program performance metrics and research-based outcome indicators

Impact Assessment

Reduce program costs in the execution of randomized control trails and other rigorous research projects

Complex Assessment Tasks

Manage for complex data collection and instrumentation designs, including cohort and panel tracking as well as wrap-around case management services. Allow researchers to look closely at complex networks or layers of care

Manage Grants

Maintain a data management system that is flexible and can adapt to various and changing external stakeholder demands. Get reports directly

Program Consultation

Our passion for evaluation is helping programs improve the scope of their impact in the community

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Our Applications

Since our first product launch in 2020, we have had the opportunity to work on some amazing projects that play an important role in the communities they serve.

We Are

  • Frederick Teye, MS has over 20 years of experience in freelance database development and design. He has background and work experience large-scale manufacturing control automation. He holds his master's degree in Chemical Engineering. He has developed the CRT Case Manager, a multi-functional and collaborative crisis response software, and MANA Stats Plus, a data management system for the nation’s largest home birth registry

  • Amanda Teye, PhD focuses her research and consulting work on applied and community-based evaluation. Her work has been supported by the Department of Justice, Department of Education, the Annie E. Casey Foundation, as well as various local and state organizations.

Latest Blogs

Optimizing user experience

We keep up with data-driven research and expert knowledge related to user experience. With careful consideration to features that make users feel more comfortable on our platform tools, users will spend more time and will be more effective while working.

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MANA Stats Plus is Live

After 14 months in development with the Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA), ARET Group is launching MANA Stats Plus, our latest software built with ARET Group Platform tools. This project was developed to host the nation’s largest home birth registry.

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Latest affiliate research

A Literacy Enhanced, School-Based, 1:1 mentoring program, designed to improve at-risk child reading readiness (K-2nd grade), meets development relationship expectations. Published by our ARET Group Research Affiliates.

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2022 Microsoft Catalyst Awardees

Gemeinschaft Home, in partnership with ARET Group, is one of only 30 local organizations across the country selected to participate in the 2022 Urban Institute and Microsoft Catalyst Justice Reform Initiative using data and technology to advance racial equity in the criminal legal system in prevention, policing, and prosecution. The RESTART system offers a solution for systematically tracking individual-level outcomes and organizational processes in the criminal diversion and reentry sector.

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